Maverick Photos


photo by Burt Weinstein

Smiling Maverick ticket holders line up for a Sunday concert.

Photo by Dion Ogust

Delighted jazz fans relax at intermission

Simone Dinnerstein

photo by Angela P. Schapiro

Brilliant pianist Simone Dinnerstein readies herself in Maverick’s Artist Room 
for her breathtaking performance of the Goldberg Variations that stunned and transfixed the
entire audience with its pure magnificence.

photo by Angela P. Schapiro

Music Director Alexander Platt smiles as composer George Tsontakis introduces
his world premiere work written for Maverick’s centennial.

photo by Angela P. Schapiro

The glorious American String Quartet surrounds composer George Tsontakis at the world premiere
of the work he wrote to celebrate the Maverick Centennial.

photo by Angela P. Schapiro

The Danish String Quartet prepares for their spectacular debut performance!

photo by Angela P. Schapiro

The Miró Quartet is smiling as they anticipate sharing their love of Beethoven and
Schubert with the marvelous Maverick audience.

photo by Angela P. Schapiro

The Borromeo Quartet returned to electrify the capacity audience with their great performance
of Haydn, Schuller and Beethoven!

photo by Angela P. Schapiro

Zach Djanikian , Cindy Cashdollar​, Happy Traum & John Sebastian brought down the house on
Saturday for an enthralled audience at Happy's Saturday night concert.

photo by Angela P. Schapiro

Left to Right: violinists Bryan Yee and Joel Link line up with cellist Camden Shaw of the Dover Quartet to
toast Building Chair Sondra Siegel and Music Director Alexander Platt with Styrofoam cups of Joy
after their brilliant debut at the Friend’s concert. Violist Milena Pajaro Van De Stadt is receiving kudos elsewhere.

photo by Angela P. Schapiro

Maestro Platt takes a truly deserved bow after conducting a brilliant evening
of chamber orchestra masterpieces.

Photo by Simon Russell

Pedja Muzijevic executes a lightening fast musical move in Schumann's Carnaval

photo by Angela P. Schapiro

Musical legends, pianist Warren Bernhardt and guitarist Mark Black thrilled a very enthusiastic
Saturday night audience with their unique sounds, both separately and together!

by Angela P. Schapiro

Two brilliant debuts on a single Sunday: Thomas Storm sings Samuel Barber’s
eloquent Dover Beach as joined by the Ariel Quartet: A thrilling experience for the entire audience!

photo by Angela P. Schapiro

Violinist Gershon Gerhikov and cellist Amit Even-Tov of the Ariel Quartet
stand shoulder to shoulder with their good pal, Maverick Treasurer Larry Posner after a brilliant concert

Paula Robison

Flutist Paula Robison returns home to Maverick to perform Frederic Hand’s
world premiere work, Four Pieces For Flute and Guitar.

Frederic Hand

photo by Angela P. Schapiro

Composer Frederic Hand performs the world premier of his
composition celebrating the Maverick  centennial.

photo by Angela P. Schapiro

Music Director Alexander joins the Trio Solisti in smiles after the over capacity, record breaking concert!

photo by Simon Russell

An overflow crowd were thrilled by the brilliant playing of the Trio Solisti.

photo by Angela P. Schapiro

The Escher Quartet returned and once again thrilled their sold-out Maverick audience!

photo by Angela P. Schapiro


A capacity audience listens to the Escher Quartet as they enthrall all with their
performance of the Schubert Rosamunde Quartet.

photo by Angela P. Schapiro

Jazz guitarist Julian Lage smiles as he strikes the most perfect chord on Saturday night.

photo by Angela P. Schapiro

Eldar Djangirov made the most astonishing Jazz debut that Angela P. Schapiro’s
camera could not capture more than a blur of his astonishing piano playing.  He and his trio
deserved the standing ovations and gave us a brilliant encore, too!

photo by Angela P. Schapiro

The artists who opened the 100th Maverick season with a triumphant NEXUS concert 
are left to right: Bob Becker, Garry Kvistad, Amy Fradon, Kirsti Gholson, Russell Hartenberger and Bill Cahn

photo by Angela P. Schapiro

The brilliant composer-performer-legend, Peter Schickele, adds his voice once more to the historic Hall.

photo by Angela P. Schapiro

Jazz Great Fred Hersch tells a true tale to his capacity Saturday night audience.

photo by Angela P. Schapiro

John Largess, William Fedenheur and Joshia Gindele of the Miró Quartet get a thumbs up from an
important critic after their Young People's concert on Saturday.

photo by Angela P. Schapiro

Master pianists Andrew Russo and Frederic Chiu amaze the Maverick audience with the works
of Schubert, Griffes and Prokofiev for single piano, four hands!

photo by Angela P. Schapiro

The 20 fingers of Frederic Chiu and Andrew Russo intermingle while performing Schubert,
Griffes and Prokofiev for 4 hands on Maverick's perfect Yamaha Grand!”

photo by Angela P. Schapiro

Steve Gorn, Master Bansuri flutist acknowledges the stranding ovation of the Audience.

photo by Angela P. Schapiro

Ray Spiegel accompanies Master singer Samarh Nagarkar during a triumphant concert of Ragas.

photo by Angela P. Schapiro

Alexander warmly welcomes a sold-out audience to the Escher String Quartet concert.

photo by Angela P. Schapiro

Acclaimed composer Joan Tower smiles after the triumphant performance  of  her work,
"Incandescent" by the Cassatt Quartet on Sunday

Elizabeth Mitchell
photo by Angela P. Schapiro

Elizabeth Mitchell and Family, (including husband Daniel and Daughter Storey)
brought joy and great music to their audience of many hundreds!

photo by Angela P. Schapiro

The capacity audience learns how to build a house from composer-singer Elizabeth Mitchell and her family.

photo by Angela P. Schapiro

Maverick Chairman David Segal explains the humor in the 12 tone scale to pianist Adam Tendler
and composer Peter Schickele after Adam's triumphant concert of Cowell and Cage.

photo by Angela P. Schapiro

The Extraordinary members of Lattitude 41 Trio smile as they relive the
total triumph of their beautiful concert.

Adam Tendler

photo by Angela P. Schapiro

Adam Tendler “unprepares” the prepared piano he used for his thrilling John Cage performance
at the Hall.  Curator Susana Toruella Laval and his Honor Pierre Laval look on with genuine interest.

Aam Tendler

photo by Angela P. Schapiro

Fascinated audience members of Adam Tendler’s John Cage Concert gather on
stage to marvel at how the piano was “prepared” to with 1/16th of an inch!

Cypress String Quartet & George Tsontakis

photo by Angela P. Schapiro

The wonderful Cypress Quartet are all smiles after their triumphant debut. George Tsontakis is
proud to be flanked by the artists who performed his String Quartet No. 6 so perfectly!

photo by Angela P. Schapiro

Bari Koral and Daniel fascinate the rapt audience
of both young and old at their Saturday morning concert!


photo by Angela P. Schapiro

The dramatically dynamic first violinist of the Pacifica Quartet,
Simin Ganatra, shares a smile after the quartet's sold-out Sunday concert.


photo by Angela P. Schapiro

Cellist Luigi Piovano of the Latitude 41 Trio, shared the exquisite sounds of his
1710 Alessandro Gagliano instrument with our spellbound Sunday audience.

TRIO Solisti

photo by Angela P. Schapiro

Pianist Adam Neiman, of the Trio Solisti, is proud to wear his
shiniest shoes to play the Maverick's Yamaha Piano


photo by Angela P. Schapiro

The American String Quartet is all smiles after their exquisite concert for the Friends of Maverick.



photo by Angela P. Schapiro

Laurie Carney of the American String Quartet listens to composer George Tsontakis
discuss his world premier work for Maverick's centennial season!



photo by Jane Traum


 Happy Traum is flanked by good friends David Amram and Abby Newton
as they jammed on Saturday night. 

photo by Angela P. Schapiro

Legendary composer, conductor musician David Amram in the Artist's room before his triumphant
concert with Abby Newton and the sensational Happy Traum



photo by Angela P. Schapiro

Cellist Abby Newton studies her score while Happy Traum tunes one of his many guitars for
their sold-out Saturday night concert with David Amram

photo by Angela P. Schapiro

Composer Russell Platt introduces his 2008 composition, Duo for Violin and Cello
as performed by members of Latitude 41

photo by Angela P. Schapiro

 Violinist Maria Bachman beams in the artists room after her
triumphant performance with the Trio Solisti.


photo by Angela P. Schapiro

Cicely Parnas, the cellist of the Parnas Duo smiles after a truly sensational Maverick debut.

photo by Angela P. Schapiro

Zuill Bailey and Natasha Paremski practice, to make perfect their
Saturday night triumphant concert together.


photo by Angela P. Schapiro

Violinist Livia Sohn relaxes in the Artist’s room after her triumphant concert with the rest of
Latitude 4 trio: cellist Luigi Piovano and pianist Bernadene Blaha

photo by Angela P. Schapiro

A rapt audience was totally transfixed by Prokofiev's Peter and the Wolf 
as performed by the Amernet Quartet with our own Alexander Platt as the narrator.

photo by Angela P. Schapiro

Julian Lage and Fred Hersch share an intimate chat before their sold-out concert.


photo by Angela P. Schapiro

Violist Masumi Per Rostad of the thrilling Pacifica Quarte, concentrates on an
especially delicate passage in Eliot Carter’s String Quartet No. 5 at Sundays Sold-out concert.


photo by Angela P. Schapiro

Violinist Sibbi Bernhardsson smiles in the artist’s room after explicating and exploring the fiendishly complex
Carter Quartet No. 5 with an enthralled Maverick audience at Sunday’s Pacifica Quartet concert.

photo by Angela P. Schapiro

 Conductor Alexander Platt and composer Russell Platt step outside
to listen to John Cage’s  4’33 al fresco.

photo by Angela P. Schapiro


Extraordinary violist Tim Kantor is all smiles after sharing the
stage with the sensational Parnas Sisters in a brilliant Maverick debut for all three!


Photo by Renee Samuels

The Tokyo String Quartet takes their final bow at the Maverick after decades
of sharing great music with us. We will miss their magical artistry.


Photo by Renee Samuels

Violinist Kikuei Ikeda studies his score before
Sunday's sold-out concert of the Tokyo String Quartet


Photo by Renee Samuels

Violist Kazuhide Isomura and cellist Clive
Greensmith enjoy the gift of homemade sushi by
Maverick's great friend, Atsuko Shimojo.



photo by Renee Samuels

The Shanghai Quartet rehearses at the Hall.

Photo by Renee Samuels

Yi-Wen Jiang takes time in the Artists Room to prepare for the triumphant
Saturday concert of the Shanghai Quartet with Joel Fan.


Photo by Renee Samuels

Joel Fan and the Shanghai Quartet rehearse the extraordinary
Piano Quintet In A Minor by Arthur Foote.


Paul Appleby

Photo by Renee Samuels

Tenor Paul Appleby prepares for his Maverick debut performing Benjamin Britten’s Les Illuminations



photo by Renee Samuels

American composers—left to right, John Corigliano, Mark Adamo, and Russell Platt


Photo by Renee Samuels

Pierre Colombet, Gabriel Le Magadure, Mathieu Herzog and Raphaël Merlin,
who make up the magical QUATUOR EBENE, practice to make perfect their Maverick Debut.


Photo by Karen Knauer

Violinist Livia Sohn, pianist Bernadene Blaha and cellist Luigi Piovano, members of the Latitude 41,
were all smiles after their triumphant Maverick debut on Sunday.

Alexander Platt

Photo by Renee Samuels

Alexander with American String Quartet violinist Laurie Carney
after the truly brilliant final concert of the season.

Escher String Quartet
Photo by Renee Samuels

The Escher Quartet were all dressed up and smiling for their immensely successful Maverick debut!


Photo by Renee Samuels

Ilya Yakushev practices for his astonishing Maverick debut.

Enso Quartet

Photo by Renee Samuels

The ENSŌ quartet returned to many bravos and a sensational encore, too!

Photo by Renee Samuels

In the Maverick artists' room, a friend of the Amernet String Quartet photographs
cellist Jason Calloway, right, and violist Michael Klotz.


Fred Hersch & Anat Cohen
Photo by Hans Speekenbrink

Pianist Fred Hersch and clarinetist Anat Cohen created a brilliant Saturday jazz night.


Photo by Renee Samuels

Tim Fain rehearses under the watchful eyes of Hervey White's portrait, before creating a
truly brilliant gift of art for the Friends concert.


photo by Renee Samuels

August 30 2008: Alexander Platt reads the texts for Aaron Jay Kernis' Simple Songs that were
performed with the composer present in our sold-out Saturday night audience.


photo by Burt Weinstein

Maria Bachmann rehearses in the Artist’s room before her concert with Trio Solisti.


Photo by Renee Samuels

The Jupiter Quartet and Ilya Yakushev take a brief break before their triumphant Sunday concert.



Photo by Renee Samuels

Zuill Bailey and Navah Perlman relax in the Artist's Room after their triumphant
concert for the Friends of Maverick.

Photo by Renee Samuels

Stefan Arzberger, Tilman Büning, Ivo Bauer and Matthias Moosdorf—the Leipzig String Quartet—
rehearse the Mendelssohn String Quartet in D Major Opus 44, No. 1, before their sold-out Sunday concert.



Photo by Renee Samuels

Ruby Bar-Illan helps out at Saturday’s Young People’s Concert with Trio Solisti.


Photo by Renee Samuels

Elizabeth Mitchell and Family entertain
over 500 very happy fans at the most attended Young People’s concert.


Photo by Renee Samuels

Elizabeth Mitchell and Family are all smiles before their
much-loved Young People’s concert.


photo by Angela P. Schapiro

Soprano Maria Todaro joins Conductor Platt and composer Platt in
sharing discreet secrets of oriental cookery after Saturday’s Chamber Orchestra Concert triumph.

Pedja Muzijevic
Photo by Renee Samuels

Pedja Muzijevic takes a moment to smile and gather his energies before playing all
Chopin’s Études brilliantly at the Friends Concert.


Photo by Renee Samuels

Making it perfect: The Shanghai Quartet practices
the Frank Bridge "Noveletten" before their capacity Sunday concert.


Imani Winds

The Imani Winds opened the concert season with an enthusiastic audience enjoying a rare
concert of  Ravel,  Debussy,  Valerie Coleman, Jeff Scott,  Jean Françaix and Lalo Schifrin.

Borromeo Quartet

Photo by Renee Samuels

The Borromeo Quartet and Judith Gordon practice in the empty Hall using their
state-of-the-art computers displaying their music.


Photo by Renee Samuels

The Jupiter String Quartet, rehearsing with returning pianist Ilya Yakushev, make their sensational
debut with a brilliant performance of the Franck Piano Quintet in F minor.


photo by Renee Samuels

Alexander Platt & Frederick Chiu


Borromeo String Quartet
Photo by Renee Samuels

The Borromeo String Quartet practices their 20th-century program using 21st-century
technology before Sunday’s thrilling concert.



Photo by Paul Clancy

Despite the torrential downpour and violent storm, cued by her dynamic playing of Ysaÿe's  “Ballade,”
Lara St. John kept dry and earned 3 standing ovations in her exciting Maverick debut


Photo by Renee Samuels

Music Director Alexander Platt performs all the roles in the dual-piano version
of West Side Story as pianists Andrew Russo and Frederic Chiu (back to the camera) accompany him at
Saturday’s Young People’s Concert.

photo by Renee Samuels

Marilyn Crispell, improvisatory pianist and Woodstock “legend” captivates her
delighted audience at Saturday’s Young People’s concert.

Marc Black

Photo by Renee Samuels

Talented Marc Black had both adults and kids dancing in the aisles at Saturday’s Young People’s concert!


Photo by Dion Ogust

Perry Beekman captivates the Maverick audience with his
Evening of Bernstein Theatre Songs


Photo by Renee Samuels

Founder Hervey White looks on approvingly as famed
jazz artist Bill Charlap treats the ivory and the ebony to a great riff.


Photo by Renee Samuels

At the open dress rehearsal, composer James Matheson (left) explains
the details of the world premiere of his Piano Quintet, Borromean Rings to the Borromeo String Quartet,
pianist Judith Gordon and our attentive audience.


Photo by Renee Samuels

Alexander Platt leading the Maverick Chamber Players



Photo by Renee Samuels

Renowned pianist Joel Fan practices the incredibly rapid portion of the world premiere of the chamber
orchestra version of Daron Hagen's "Seven Last Words,"
as performed that evening by Alexander Platt leading the Maverick Chamber Players.

Photo by Renee Samuels

Parker Quartet rehearse for their Maverick debut July 11 2010


Photo by Renee Samuels

Jon Nakamatsu performing the mesmerizing Liszt
Three Sonnets from Petrarch on Sunday.


Photo by Renee Samuels

Peter Kolkay joins the St. Petersburg String Quartet as they rehearse Russell
Platt’s Quintet for Bassoon and Strings.

Josh Aronson

Photo credit: Courtesy University of Michigan

Academy Award nominated director Josh Aronson was at Upstate Films Woodstock
for the Maverick's screening of his film, Orchestra of Exiles.



Baritone Andrew Garland, appearing with the wonderful Amernet String Quartet,
was entreated to repeat Samuel Barber's Dover Beach in its entirety by our totally enthralled audience!



Photo by Renee Samuels

ETHEL, the “post-classical string quartet,” provided a rollicking concert
to a thrilled Saturday night crowd!


Rufus Muller
Photo by Renee Samuels

Rufus Müller prepares in the Artist’s room before performing the world
premiere of Thomas Kraines’ version of Britten’s “Winter Words” with the glorious Daedelus Quartet



photo by Renee Samuels

Maurice and Alison Hinchey visit cellist
Zuill Bailey and pianist Simone Dinnerstein in the Artist's Room
after Saturday's concert.

photo by Renee Samuels

Hervey White looks on as Metropolitan Opera’s Assistant Manager, Artistic,
Sarah Billinghurst, right, visits with Maverick Board Treasurer Helen Bader, Marjorie Normand and Katie.



Photo by Renee Samuels

Richard Engquist, seen here with accompanist Annie Lebeaux, smiling after their triumphant
sold-out autumn benefit concert at Photosensualis.


Photo by Renee Samuels

Master musician Fred Hand at Maverick's spring concert
at the Photosensualis Gallery.

Photo by Renee Samuels

An admirer gets a close-up view of exciting pianist Ilya Yakushev as they both enjoy
Saturday's extraordinary Young People's Concert!




Photo by Clay Patrick McBride

Renee Rosnes and Bill Charlap brought their special Jazz chemistry to the Maverick and
celebrated their 7th Anniversary with a full house on Saturday night!



photo by Simon Russell

David Del Tredici is seen here in his New York studio





photo by Renee Samuels

Nancy Cohn, from the New York State Council on the Arts,
Capital Grants Division, visits Maverick. She is seated with David Wiebe, Susan Rizwani, and David Segal.
Alexander Platt and Adrienne Owen have their backs to the camera.





Alexander Platt is seen here conducting the Brooklyn Philharmonic in
May for their celebration of the 125th anniversary of the Brooklyn Bridge

We are grateful to Maverick's official photographer, Angela P. Schapiro, and to the other talented artists who have contributed to this site and our publications.

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